Attainment Studios is website designed to bring together members of the sex-positive community, and for finding solutions for your professional and personal needs. It’s a directory that connects you with authors, bloggers, cartoonists, editors, fetish, graphic artists, illustrators, keynote speakers, magazine publications, nudist and naturalists, painters, performers, photographers, podcasters, practitioners of BDSM, public relation experts, seminar leaders, sex toy designers, Tantra therapists & sexperts, yoga practitioners and more.

 We saw a great need for a space online where people who believe in positive sexual exploration, creativity, and expression could come together to share ideas, promote new products, and build community, so that’s exactly what we created.

At Attainment Studios, we believe in being authentic and courageous in the pursuit of healthy and vibrant sexuality, and we’re here to connect you with people and resources that can help you attain your own sexual joy and freedom.

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